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Sam I Am Photography was named one of the “Best Newborn Photographers in Miami 2018 and 2019
May 16, 2019
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The absolute best time to capture sleepy, curly newborn portraits is from 3-10 days of life. It is easier to get them to sleep and then fall into a deeper sleep.

Please contact me while still pregnant to insure my availability. Your baby's safety will be my number one priority during your session.

Most newborn shoots take about three hours. My newborn sessions are usually in the comfort of your own home, although I’ve had a few outdoor sessions that are just magical. If you prefer to do mostly lifestyle (more candid and less posed shots with the family) maybe one or two posed shots at the end let me know. We can discuss props and colors prior to the session. I have a huge assortment of baskets, bowls blankets, headbands, hats, and other props for you to choose from.

Babies, especially newborns, are best in their bare skin.

*Please remember to dress your baby in loose clothing and untighten the diaper an hour before the session to avoid marks on skin.

First of all relax…remember they run the show.

Trying to get a fussy newborn to sleep is no easy  task. 

Try to have them fed within 30 minutes of my arrival and in a diaper only (loose), swaddled in a blanket.

Pee, poop, spit up I have seen it all. It is totally normal for babies to do all three multiple times on me, you, themselves, and all the props. It comes with the territory. I wash all of my props and other items the baby comes in contact with. This is already included in the newborn session fee. I come prepared. You should have  baby wipes, extra diapers and a pacifier. Pacifiers can work wonders to calm the baby during our session. I am in no hurry. I give special attention to newborn baby sessions. I do not mind waiting for you to nurse/feed baby, or calm them down. Feed your baby a little more than usual. Babies sleep better on a full stomach.

Please turn off the air conditioner. The room we are shooting in should be very warm.  A newborn needs to be warm, especially when naked. I will bring a heating pad to put underneath the baby, and a space heater.

I like to do the family/sibling shots first and then it’s very helpful if someone can take the older siblings to the park, or play a game in another room. For family / sibling photos solid colors free of distracting patterns please. White and neutral colors work well for newborn sessions.

Photo ready house…I don’t expect it to be perfect. You just had a baby. The nursery, living room and master bedroom are usually the best rooms, so it’s helpful if the beds are made, and decluttered before the session.

Cameras and other recording devices are not permitted during the shoot, unless it is a behind the scenes shot of me working. Lastly, make a list of “must haves” images (close-ups , a photo you saw and absolutely fell in love with…)

Keep your expectations reasonable. Some babies do fine in the props, others just want to be held. Some babies must be swaddled, while others are happy being naked. All the baby poses you see everywhere may not happen. I will try my best, but remember every baby is different.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

I look forward to working with you….

P.S. A professional photo session makes a GREAT baby shower gift!